Vauxhall Tigra Review 0

We take a more in depth look at one of German company’s most popular roadster, the Vauxhall Tigra. The latest generation (made between 2004 – 2009) was a fine car with many great qualities. We highlight some of our favourite assets of the car in this review. Looks With this generation, Vauxhall really did aim(…)

The Success of the Vauxhall Insignia 0

The Vauxhall Insignia was always going to have big boots to fill after replacing the superb Vauxhall Vectra. This car hasn’t let the company down in any respect, with sales figures very respectable indeed. This year the Vauxhall Insignia rose to prominence, with 2011 expecting to be the best year ever in terms of sales.(…)

Vauxhall Vectra Review 0

The Vauxhall Vectra was surprisingly taken out of production, after a successful 7 years on the UK market. When it was available, it was an extremely popular car and very common amongst our roads. We look at our favourite points on the latest model that was released. Practicality We like to start off on what(…)

Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer Landmark for Cheshire plant 0

A significant new landmark has been reached by Vauxhall’s Cheshire manufacturing plant. The 100,000th Astra Sports Tourer has left the production line in the Ellesmere Port factory. Many people not only in the company but throughout the automotive industry are sure to view the news as quite pleasing and quite significant. Higher sales overseas Since(…)

Will Vauxhall enter the small city car market? 0

Speculation was rife about Vauxhall releasing a new rival to the Citroen C1 around a month ago. Dubbed the “Vauxhall Junior”, the car was spied upon during a test by Vauxhall, with the car being typically covered in black (as with all unfinished products from automotive manufactures) It has been headlined as a rival to(…)

Vauxhall’s new road trip apps 0

More and more car manufacturers seem to be bridging the gap between computers and automobiles. Vauxhall have joined suit by introducing an iPhone application called “Vauxhall Road Trip”. Working differently compared to a typical journey or route planner, the new Vauxhall app calculates the cost of fuel as well as other business expenses too.  The(…)

Vauxhall helps the UK automotive industry prosper 0

Vauxhall UK factories have just received praise from CEO Karl-Friedrich Stracke regarding their work and commitment. It seems that they are now in line for further tribute, as they have helped the UK automotive industry grow. Supply contracts signed up quicker than expected Vauxhall are said to have achieved new supply contracts worth £175 million.(…)

Vauxhall head full of praise for UK factories 1

In a welcoming piece of news, the chief of Opel/Vauxhall has recently been full of praise for staff who works within their UK Vauxhall factories. However there have also been warnings that work must improve if the company are to increase business and gain more profits. He stated that one reason could be due to(…)

A look at the upcoming Vauxhall Astra GTC 0

When looking at the new Vauxhall Astra GTC, you immediately think of the Volkswagen Scirocco. Vauxhall themselves have already stated that the  Renault Megane along with the Scirocco as its immediate rivals. That’s certainly a tough market to crack. It will naturally join the sport coupe class with a target of being the best car(…)

The new Vauxhall Zafira Tourer is priced 0

The new Vauxhall Zafira price tag will be £21,000, it has been announced. This week at the Frankfurt Motor Show the latest model which will be the “Tourer” was unveiled and paraded in front of thousands of fans. The price has been set for the ES 1.8 which will be the entry level car. It(…)