General Motors to cut White Collar jobs 0

Some unfortunate news for some arrives from America today with General Motors looking to cut “white collar” jobs at the company, otherwise known as managerial roles. Hackett Group brought in to assist General Motors are so determined to do so and cut costs that they have hired the Hackett Group, a management consultant group, to(…)

General Motors to cover Saab warranties 0

Just as Saab’s bankruptcy has been announced, General Motors confirm that they will cover warranties on selected Saab’s. This will come as great news to Saab owners whose car’s fall under the correct criteria to receive warranty cover (The warranty depends on the age of the car) Certain owners covered only Many owners of the(…)

General Motors looking to take advantage of luxury car demand in China 0

General Motors are looking to increase their Cadillac brand’s profile in China. They want to take advantage of the current rise in luxury car demand in the world’s largest automotive market. Reports suggest that the Chinese automotive car market may rise by 7 to 10 per cent in China next year. The Chinese car industry(…)

General Motors to invest $68 million in Oshawa plant 0

General Motors will build the 2013 model Chevrolet Impala at their Oshawa in the Canada. This will be made possible with a $68 million investment. $185 million in total Altogether, $185 million has been invested into the companies Oshawa assembly. This is due to the 2013 Cadillac XTS also being built at the factory. The(…)

The Vauxhall RoadTrip app downloaded over 3,500 times 0

Vauxhall’s intelligent smart phone application named RoadTrip has been downloaded over 3,500 times. The free app has an Apple Store rating of 4 out of 5, which is a very respectable score. Useful for businesses It has been used by many fleet companies to track business journeys. A common problem for fleet businesses or those(…)

An unwanted Christmas gift for Saab 0

General Motors have blocked prospective Chinese investors from saving Saab leaving the company no choice but to file for bankruptcy. Saab has finally given in after years of uncertainty. We have reported on numerous occasions on the our blog how the Swedish car producers have had many struggles. Although it may have appeared that there(…)

BMW and General Motors combine for a greener future 0

The fuel cell market is set to be taken advantage of by BMW and General Motors, who look set to sign an agreement where they will be partners. Agreement The agreement will have certain and specific conditions whereby BMW will be given access to General Motors’ current fuel cell technology. In return, General Motors will(…)

A positive outlook for Vauxhall 0

We have some positive pieces of news to announce regarding Vauxhall’s UK operations. A new Chairman has been announced along with a major £12 million contract being secured with a UK supplier. Duncan Aldred The Managing director of Vauxhall Duncan Aldred has been announced as the Chairman of the company. It is understood that he(…)

General Motors pondering production increase in China 0

General Motors are planning to up their production in the world’s largest car market. This comes after the Chinese Government has placed punitive duties on certain imported vehicles from the U.S. The new regulations will accelerate plans for General Motors, one of the world’s largest car producers, to expand their business in China. The decision(…)

A mixed report about Opel 0

We have some good and bad news to report about Opel, the European version of Vauxhall in our article today. One bit of news is about a highly ambitious target set by Opel for 2016 and the other is the delayed delivery of a highly anticipated vehicle. Opel plan to make €1 billion profit We(…)