Vauxhall Astra Van Review 0

The Vauxhall Astra Van slots in the company’s highly successful line-up of commercial vehicles. Despite being based on the successful family orientated Astra, it doesn’t come across as an odd transition at all. We take a look at what we believe are the van’s very best features. The drive Being a Vauxhall Astra, you would(…)

General Motors dedicated to carbon fibre 0

General Motors have announced some pleasing news to environment campaign groups. The company have said that they are looking to invest more time and money in carbon fibre. Currently carbon fibre is typically more expensive to purchase and to produce. It does however ensure that cars are more fuel efficient and eco friendly when their(…)

General Motors and Proton to be partners again 0

General Motors, Vauxhall’s holding company is set to revive their partnership with Proton, Malaysia’s largest automotive producer. General Motors are planning are begin a new project within the Southeast Asia region to expand their horizons. The deal had been scrapped previously due to a breakdown in negotiation back in 2007. The worldwide car producer hopes(…)

Vauxhall Corsavan EcoFlex 0

The new Vauxhall Corsavan ecoFLEX is the latest addition to the company’s range of economical vehicles.It contains a 16v 1.3 CDTi which is able to produce 95 BHP. ecoFLEX benefits The economy and efficiency values offered by the vehicles are second to none. It is able to achieve 78.3 MPG and emits just 95 g(…)

Car sales fall 0

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have reported that new car registrations have fallen by 4.2 % in November, This will come as a blow to Vauxhall who were reported to have taken one of the biggest hits. Along with Ford, they lost 15.7 % on private sales of new cars compared to(…)

Vauxhall Insignia gets new diesel engine 0

Emerging reports from the automotive industry state that the Vauxhall Insignia will receive a new diesel engine. The newly constructed high quality engine will be able to achieve 57.6 MPG and will output a generous 195 BHP. The Vauxhall Insignia BiTurbo will based on the current 2.0 litre Vauxhall engine that is already being utilised(…)

An in depth looks into Vauxhall technology 0

Car manufactures need to survive and stay ahead with revolutionary technology for their cars to adapt to the customer needs and future market demands. Quality automotive technology is all about new components built within our cars which are considered touches of genius. Vauxhall are no different and they have developed some ground breaking technology which(…)

The Vauxhall Ampera will be built overseas 0

The Vauxhall Ampera, which recently won WhatCar’s Green car of the year award, will not be built in the UK just yet. Duncan Aldred released a statement echoed these claims, saying that there is a very long way to go before the Ampera is to built in Europe. Ellesmere Port factory Vauxhall UK were hoping(…)

General Motors faces trouble with Chevrolet Volt 0

Today we are publishing the analysis of a breaking report on the owners of Vauxhall, General Motors.The news comes from America, where another General Motors Brand Chevrolet, have had the safety of the battery within their Volt model, branded unsafe by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) General Motors America is sticking to their(…)