Peugeot 308 Hatchback Review 0

Peugeot, partners of General Motors, have relied on their 308 model throughout Europe. Many find it popular thanks to the great qualities in which it posses. In our car review today we take a look at why the car has been such a great success. Safety The safety upon the Peugeot 308 is perhaps the(…)

Peugeot 207 Review 0

Since Peugeot have recently joined forced with General Motors and became partners, we thought we would review Peugeot’s flagship car, the 207. It is a wholly wonderful vehicle to drive. We take a look just how good the 207 is today. The drive It’s difficult to find an easier car to drive. The steering is(…)

Up to 150 jobs may go at the Vauxhall Ellesmere Plant 0

Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port Plant has been in the headlines recently for the wrong reasons. It has been announced that 150 jobs could now be lost as Vauxhall’s holding company General Motors look to cut back on losses. Losses made in the European market The European market is seeing a major economic downturn. The Euro Zone(…)

Vauxhall may make losses for another two years 0

Dan Akerson, the General Motors Chief has said that Vauxhall may make losses for another two years before returning to prosperity. Overcapacity The main reasons are down to the fact that the mass car producer brands of Opel and Vauxhall are currently producing too many cars for the European region. Currently there is a great(…)

General Motors deal fell ‘Fiat’ 0

General Motors and the Italian car makers Fiat were in discussion earlier in the year to join forces. Dan Akerson and Sergio Marchionne were said to have had discussions. However this deal eventually fell flat as talks never reached advanced negotiations. The problem for mass car producers Fiat are a mass car producer who’s target(…)

General Motors aiming small to get bigger in India 0

General Motors are targeting the small car market in India. This would be a very intelligent move by the company given that the small car market accounts for 70 per cent. Smaller cars are in much greater demand at the moment. Market trends and experts suggest that that fact will not change anytime soon. The(…)

General Motors set to add natural gas option 0

General Motors are set to add a natural gas option on their Chevrolet Silverado as well as GMC pickup trucks. Both trucks in question are the 2500 heavy duty variants. These come in either rear wheel or the more popular four wheel drive format. Clever engine The intelligent engines will contain a 6.0 litre V8(…)

David Hanson enters the Ellesmere Plant debate 0

General Motors and Vauxhall have received further pressure from another Member of Parliament, David Hanson. The Welsh MP has attempted to rally UK ministers in helping to secure the future of Vauxhall’s highly productive UK Ellesmere factory, which looks very uncertain at present. Welsh workers at the Cheshire plant add up to over 350. European(…)