Trax JH Ltd secures £4 million contract with Renault 0

Trax JH, a car parts supplier have won a £4 million contract with Renault which essentially safeguards 50 jobs at the firm. Trax JH Ltd’s wheel balance weights will be installed onto Renault and Dacia cars. The vehicles in question are developed in countries such as France, Spain, Russia as well the South American countries(…)

The Vauxhall Mokka now available to order 0

The highly anticipated Vauxhall Mokka 4×4 will arrive here in November and is now available to order.  The cheapest entry level version will cost £16,995. There will be both front and four wheel configurations available to choose from. This is the first vehicle of it’s kind to be released by Vauxhall, with it expecting to(…)

President Obama holding to stake in General Motors… for now 0

Mitt Romney, a contender to become the next President of the United States from the Republican Party has made a sensational claim regarding the current President and General Motors. Is Mr Obama preventing an embarrassing loss from being revealed? He has claimed that Barack Obama is holding on to the Government share in General Motors(…)

General Motors China reports increase in Sales 0

General Motors have reported a great sales boost in China following their venture with localised based companies. Demand for microvan vehicles have recently increased somewhat in the month of May. Defying the market patterns News that foreign car makers such as General Motors are prospering well in China has come as a surprise. Many expected(…)

General Motors to closes a factory… 0

Don’t worry it won’t be the Ellesmere factory here in the UK. The factory in question is a car assembly plant based in Oshawa, Canada. The facility will close in 2013 taking more than 1,500 jobs with it. The news will be devastating to all involved. Originally meant to close in 2005 General Motors informed(…)

Manchester United secured Chevrolet on a five year deal 0

Manchester United has brought on board American based Chevrolet on a 5 year deal after a wonderful performance last season. No we are not talking about an American player from the MLS, Man United have secured the sponsorship of the American car manufacturers Chevrolet. Chevrolet have release a statement of intention to get all fans(…)