Cadillac’s superb self driving technology 0

Cadillac has made a bold promise, to bring self driving vehicles by the year 2015. Really? Is that possible? UK is still very much so behind That’s quite a statement to make especially considering the likes of electric cars haven’t exactly taken off as expected. There are still many issues to sort out with today’s(…)

Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port closes for one week 0

Vauxhall are once again feeling the hit of the Euro Zone crisis with sales failing to pick up. The amounts of cars that are being produced are not meeting the amount of car sales. There are plenty of cars which have been made but not yet sold, therefore there is no rush to develop new(…)

The Chevrolet Volt coming to a Halt 0

Chevrolet has announced that production of the Volt is to come to a temporary stop. Production is expected to stop from the 17th September to October 15th. The car has been hailed as the major part of the American auto revolution. Never has anyone seen a car that is so economical, can keep going for a(…)