Vauxhall At It Again 0

What can this motoring company do wrong at the moment? They have won multiple awards with cars, events and technology, they have also seen an increase in their profits and even their concept designs are winning awards. Will Vauxhall’s time run out? That is a difficult question considering that the company have again excelled in(…)

Vauxhall Win Again… And Again 0

As we have previously mentioned in another article, Vauxhall and Opel have had an extremely successful year to date. The GT Concept, Astra and the Corsa have picked up numerous awards between them; Opel have also seen record sales which keep getting stronger month on month, and as a result, the brand image is beginning(…)

Vauxhall Winning Again 0

Vauxhall and Opel have had an extremely successful year to date. Multiple vehicles of theirs have picked up numerous awards; they have seen record sales and their brand image have gained more reputation as a result. In most cases, luck runs out, but this does not seem to be the problem for Opel at this(…)

Vauxhall And Opel Pushing The Boundaries 0

Opel have been one of the leading companies in producing, distributing and promoting the importance of effective headlights on cars. Over the last decade, they have been producing some of the most technologically advanced lights in the automotive world. They have managed to push the technology to its maximum capabilities, whilst also keeping the prices(…)

Vauxhall Astra Success 0

The Vauxhall Astra has been one of the most successful cars this year. Not only does it have a huge following amongst the motoring world’s journalists and critics, is it beginning to pick up huge momentum with the general population too. Let’s face it, the seventh generation Vauxhall Astra is an excellent car. This can(…)

Happy Birthday CarUnity 0

We have to wish Opel’s CarUnity a happy birthday. Many of you from around the world will have no idea what CarUnity is, but we’d recommend you get familiar with it because we may see it here in the UK very soon. The automotive industry is moving towards all electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and of(…)

The 2016 Art Sale 0

This is an extremely interesting piece of information of which we have only just learned about. Surely everyone must know that Vauxhall sponsor the home nations’ football teams, club level football teams as well as the sponsoring of multiple other events in other areas. One of these areas happens to be art and Vauxhall have(…)

The Grand Szentgotthárd Factory 0

Located in Western Hungary stands one of Opel’s most productive and necessary factories. The factory in Szentgotthárd, is one of Opel’s biggest suppliers of engines. Having a rich and extremely efficient past, the production plant is looking to grow and set new records and targets every year. You may be questioning the reason behind this(…)

The New Zafira 0

In the past few weeks we have been talking about the new Vauxhall Mokka X a little too much. Because of this, we seem to have rejected, or at least failed to mention the Zafira. But, there will be a Zafira Tourer on sale this October. So, here is a little overview of what we(…)

Brexit And The Vauxhall Astra 0

It has been some time after Brexit now and we certainly have been feeling the repercussions of the decision to leave the European Union.  Many countries are not a fan of this decision at all, whilst some European citizens are completely disgusted by the majority of the British population’s decision to leave. So, after looking(…)