Vauxhall to be offered same Brexit deal as Nissan by UK Government 0

The UK Government is currently taking every available step to secure its car building industry in the wake of Brexit reports Autocar. As Britain gets closer to triggering Article 50, and the severance procedure officially begins, the Government has already moved swiftly after Nissan – the country’s largest producer of vehicles in the UK –(…)

New Vauxhall Meriva will opt for SUV style 0

The current generation Meriva has been on our roads since 2010, and the latest edition, due to hit the market next year, is set to drop the minivan styling. The new version, will feature greater ground clearance and an off-roader like design, but the vehicle, which may even take a different name, won’t be a(…)

New Insignia officially previewed 0

Vauxhall have been kind enough to give us an early sneak peak at the upcoming Insignia. The current edition was on the large side for its class, and Opel (Vauxhall’s European counterparts) have elected to provide the new Insignia with an interior that can best be described as enormous. Evolved from the new GM style(…)