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No plans to shut Vauxhall plants says Peugeot boss 0

The chief executive of Peugeot, Carlos Tavares, has said the PSA group has no plans to close any Vauxhall or Opel plants following his company’s acquisition of the brands. Instead, he wants to “unleash [their] potential” by exporting the cars outside of Europe, he said in a recent interview with the BBC. General Motors, who(…)

Vauxhall to be offered same Brexit deal as Nissan by UK Government 0

The UK Government is currently taking every available step to secure its car building industry in the wake of Brexit reports Autocar. As Britain gets closer to triggering Article 50, and the severance procedure officially begins, the Government has already moved swiftly after Nissan – the country’s largest producer of vehicles in the UK –(…)

New Vauxhall Meriva will opt for SUV style 0

The current generation Meriva has been on our roads since 2010, and the latest edition, due to hit the market next year, is set to drop the minivan styling. The new version, will feature greater ground clearance and an off-roader like design, but the vehicle, which may even take a different name, won’t be a(…)

GM recalls four million vehicles 0

Unclear if recall affects UK cars, but GM has confirmed fault does not affect Vauxhall cars. Four million vehicles worldwide are being recalled by General Motors, in an attempt to cure a software defect that has been linked with a fatality. GM said that the recall was to fix an airbag software fault on certain(…)

Vauxhall Zafira in emissions scandal – BBC Panorama 0

The Zafira has been the focal point of Vauxhall’s brand for a few weeks now, and not in a positive way. We’re sure you’ve heard about the Zafira B model fire claims already, but here’s another accusation to throw onto the fire. The Zafira has been dragged into the VW emissions scandal… again. On Monday,(…)

Vauxhall caught up in emissions scandal 0

The Vauxhall Zafira is not having a good month. After undergoing investigations into certain models bursting into flames, the Zafira now has a new problem. It might be fitted with a “defeat device” similar to those found in the Volkswagen emissions scandal vehicles. Two separate studies have released public results that find Vauxhall – named(…)

The new 2014 Buick LaCrosse 0

General Motors has unveiled the new LaCrosse sedan 2014 model. The vehicle has been greatly refreshed with plenty of new features. This is the first time that the vehicle has received a redesign of the interior and exterior. The front end now has a more aggressive look to it, standing out even more than previously.(…)

2013 Chevrolet Trax 0

The new 2013 Chevrolet Trax 2LT AWD 1SE is set to be released in the United States of America. It has labelled by the press as smart SUV. The car is very versatile, being practical and handy on the road yet being fully capable as an off roader too. Engine and transmission The car comes(…)

General Motors bringing I.T in house 0

General Motors are big on technology and are always on the lookout to release ground-breaking in-car products. They have taken a step forward by announcing that they are to hire 1,000 staff for a new technical development centre. This will be the fourth and final opening of an I.T centre in the United States for(…)

General Motors big plans for 2013 0

General Motors were knocked off the top spot by Toyota in the race to become the world’s number one car manufacturer last year. Feeling disappointed, they have decided to make some great changes to the company’s line-up this year. They plan a major overhaul in their line-up next year. They intend to remove 70 per(…)