General Motors News

Norbet Dentressangle secure contract with Vauxhall 0

Norbert Dentressangle has won a 3 year contract for the overnight distribution of automotive parts. The deal will involve both Vauxhall and Chevrolet dealers, with 300 selected branches having good delivered. Professional and reliable The contracted secured was an extension to the current work that has been carried out. Norbert Dentressangle have been working with(…)

General Motors aiming small to get bigger in India 0

General Motors are targeting the small car market in India. This would be a very intelligent move by the company given that the small car market accounts for 70 per cent. Smaller cars are in much greater demand at the moment. Market trends and experts suggest that that fact will not change anytime soon. The(…)

Vauxhall’s future in the balance 1

General Motors have not confirmed the closure of Vauxhall’s UK Ellesmere plant. However they have also not guaranteed that it will stay open either. Signs point towards the closure of the factory after the great losses that Opel and Vauxhall have made over the previous 12 years. Constructive dialog Vince Cable, the UK’s Business secretary(…)

Chevrolet hoping to conquer the UK 0

The American Chevrolet brand is hoping to expand their horizons here in the UK very soon. Mark Terry – “20,000 sales target” Managing Director, Mark Terry has said that 2012 could be the year where Chevrolet sales boom in the UK car market. He has very high ambitions saying “I want to see 20,000 Chevrolet(…)

The Cadillac CTS-V destined for the UK 0

Cadillac, the General Motors owned company have confirmed that their CTS-V model will hit the UK automotive market. It will be converted into a right hand drive vehicle when released over on these shores Cadillac have confirmed. This is a significant step as the car is only available as a right hand drive car.  Cadillac(…)

A great December for General Motors and co 0

Sales for General Motors, Vauxhall’s holding company, were up in America for December of last year.   A great December all round Compared to last year, sales were up by 5 %. Overall it was one the best ever December’s for the automotive industry. General Motors along with Ford and Chrysler reported great sales during(…)

General Motors looking to take advantage of luxury car demand in China 0

General Motors are looking to increase their Cadillac brand’s profile in China. They want to take advantage of the current rise in luxury car demand in the world’s largest automotive market. Reports suggest that the Chinese automotive car market may rise by 7 to 10 per cent in China next year. The Chinese car industry(…)

General Motors to invest $68 million in Oshawa plant 0

General Motors will build the 2013 model Chevrolet Impala at their Oshawa in the Canada. This will be made possible with a $68 million investment. $185 million in total Altogether, $185 million has been invested into the companies Oshawa assembly. This is due to the 2013 Cadillac XTS also being built at the factory. The(…)

BMW and General Motors combine for a greener future 0

The fuel cell market is set to be taken advantage of by BMW and General Motors, who look set to sign an agreement where they will be partners. Agreement The agreement will have certain and specific conditions whereby BMW will be given access to General Motors’ current fuel cell technology. In return, General Motors will(…)

General Motors and Proton to be partners again 0

General Motors, Vauxhall’s holding company is set to revive their partnership with Proton, Malaysia’s largest automotive producer. General Motors are planning are begin a new project within the Southeast Asia region to expand their horizons. The deal had been scrapped previously due to a breakdown in negotiation back in 2007. The worldwide car producer hopes(…)