Vauxhall dealerships in Norwich sold to Thurlow Nunn 0

Two Hartwell Vauxhall dealerships have been sold to Thurlow Nunn. The dealerships in question were located in Hall Road and Mile Cross Lane, both in Norwich. Thurlow Nunn now has eight Vauxhall dealerships throughout East Anglia. Other Thurlow Nunn car dealerships They also own the Toyota dealership in St Ives located in Cambridgeshire, a Chevrolet(…)

The Vauxhall Ampera / Chevrolet Volt named Car of the Year 0

The same vehicles from two different brands from General Motors have won the Car of the Year. The Vauxhall Ampera and the Chevrolet Volt managed to scoop the European Car of the Year together as they scored 47 points, the maximum possible score from judges. Both cars adopt the General Motors technology of the EREV,(…)

The Chevrolet Volt review 0

We have discussed the Chevrolet Volt numerous times in our blog and today we write a review about it. Some of you may not have even heard of the vehicle but we will describe our favourite features within the Volt and explain why it is such a brilliant vehicle to buy when it is eventually(…)

The Chevrolet Cruise will get a diesel engine 0

American drivers do not tend to drive around in diesels. They are very uncommon with most drivers utilising petrol vehicles. Electric cars and hybrids a more expensive and lengthy option However with increasing fuel prices, there could be room for more efficient diesels to be slowly introduced into the American car market. Diesel engines are(…)

Sales of General Motors cars down in India 0

General Motors vehicles in India have seen a fall of sales in India, hitting a figure of just 8,901 in February. This equates to decline of 4 per cent. February sales for General Motors Chevrolet Beat – 4684 units Chevrolet Tavera – 1964 units Chevrolet Spark – 1328 units Chevrolet Cruze – 537 units Chevrolet(…)

Is the Peugeot Citroen and General Motors alliance a good idea? 0

We have reported a few days ago that Peugeot Citroen and General Motors could link up in a deal that would see all parties involved gather stronger resilience in the fight against poor European sales. French reports from the automotive industry have that if the deal was to go ahead then jobs and plants could(…)

Bright Automotive says goodbye 0

General Motors are heavily invested in electric vehicle technologies and this includes investing in small companies which deal with the technology. Unfortunately, One of those companies named Bright Automotive has folded. General Motors has invested a tremendous $5 million into the company. The reason behind the closure of the company was said to be the(…)

Chevrolet restart the production of the Volt 0

Chevrolet have restarted production of the Volt at their Detroit factory. Previously there was no restart date for production as General Motors had not revealed the news. Production has been commencing since February 6th. They are also resuming the process of exporting models of low carbon emissions to the state of California. Their presence will(…)

Jon Lauckner named as new General Motors Chief Technology Officer 0

General Motors have named Jon Lauckner has their new Chief technology officer. The highly respected job will coincide with his current position as the President of General Motors Ventures. He will be wholly responsible for discovering new car technologies being the head of the companies Research and Development. He replaces Tom Stephens who has announced(…)

General Motors and Peugeot Citroen could join forces 0

General Motors and Peugeot Citroen may join forces it has been reported across the automotive industry. Aiding a poor European performance General Motors are attempting to turn around their extremely poor performances in Europe. Last year most of their record profit and sales came from the United States. Imagine if they had actually performed well(…)