The Chevrolet Volt coming to a Halt 0

Chevrolet has announced that production of the Volt is to come to a temporary stop. Production is expected to stop from the 17th September to October 15th. The car has been hailed as the major part of the American auto revolution. Never has anyone seen a car that is so economical, can keep going for a number of miles yet still provide a thrilling performance. Chevrolet has literally put everything they have into the car, with their company’s pride depending on the success of the car. There have been a number of setbacks with the Chevrolet Volt including a previous stoppage of production following demand not being met.

There was a battery problem too with cases of a potential fire being investigated by the authorities. This time it’s happened again. The hybrid vehicle has seen it’s production halted for 1 month. The reasons are exactly same as before. Simply put they are not being purchased in numbers that were originally hoped for. Chevrolet has so far sold approximately 11,000 units of the car, a number which has not quite met expectations. It appears that the car has been introduced too soon. Originally Chevrolet’s target was to sell 60,000 units of the car around the world this year. 45,000 of them were supposed to come from the United States alone. Most motorists are not quite ready for a car of this type. Although fuel prices are at an all time high, it appears that the market will not take to vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt just yet. Whether

Americans are ready or not, they will see the number of electric and hybrid cars increase. Car manufacturers are now under strict rules from the American Government to start producing vehicles that are more economical and give back better miles per gallon. We’ve already established that the car is not being taken to by the public as hoped for, but why not? Firstly the price tag is a huge amount.

Although you are guaranteed to make huge savings in terms of fuel and tax, the initial costs appear to be not worth it. Many motorists would rather purchase an economical fuel powered car as the prices are lower. Will there be another halt of the Chevrolet Volt production? Something drastic needs to change if sales are to meet expected targets.