Buick Encore rated as the most economical in its class 0

The Buick Encore has been named as the most economical crossover vehicle in the United States, according to the company themselves. That’s quite a prestigious title to hold. In the city the car will use 25 MPG whereas in the city the vehicle will use 33 MPG on the motorway. Combined that figure reaches 28 MPG, a respectable figure.

The 1.4 litre turbocharged inline engine is able to produce 138 BHP and 148 lb/ft of torque. The vehicle will be offered in all wheel drive as well as front wheel drive. The Ford Escape and the Jeep Compass are sure to be taking notice since they have a major rival on their hands. General Motors stated that everyone will spend around $2,100 less on fuel bills across a period of five years. That’s quite a huge chunk of money.

They have based those figures on the average annual fuel cost being $420 per year. According to the company owning an Encore will cost around $1,900 per year which is the lowest of any 2013 crossover in the United States.

There is much more to the car than just being highly economical. There is a great deal of luxurious features within the vehicle, giving away that element of class. It’s practical too, there is a great deal of storage space and neat compartments. The Buick Encore has an easy to use navigation and entertainment system.

Jim Danahy, the Vehicle Chief Engineer said “Right from its inception, Encore was designed to offer customers the safety and comfort expected of any Buick, but with an added emphasis on space and fuel efficiency. We did things like specify one optimized wheel and tire package to ensure that every customer has the best driving experience possible.”Safety is also a big deal. The Encore comes with Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Alert, 10 air bags and plenty more. The safety factor is so huge on this vehicle that it is one of the best rated in the whole list of 2013 crossovers. The car’s release date has been penned in for the first quarter of next year. After hearing of today’s news the target market are surely highly anticipating the arrival of the Buick Encore. Running costs and fuel prices are high on all motorists’ agenda. The higher the fuel efficiency the more attractive the car will become.