General Motors to cover Saab warranties 0

Just as Saab’s bankruptcy has been announced, General Motors confirm that they will cover warranties on selected Saab’s. This will come as great news to Saab owners whose car’s fall under the correct criteria to receive warranty cover (The warranty depends on the age of the car)

Certain owners covered only

Many owners of the newer and brand new Saab models were left worried that their warranty cover would not be fulfilled. The bankruptcy was a big hint along with a statement released by the company stating that they were suspending warranty coverage. Unfortunately their warranty may still not be covered.

Saab’s younger than February 2010 only

If Saab owners have purchased their vehicle before February 2010, when General Motors still owned the company before it was sold to Spyker, will offer warranty coverage to America and Canada.

Jim Cain – GM to honour commitments

Jim Cain, the Financial Communications Manager stated how General Motors will honour necessary warranty commitments.  His exact words were “In the event that Saab cannot or will not fulfil its obligations to administer the warranty programs with its U.S. and Canadian dealers through Saab Cars North America or otherwise, GM will take necessary steps to ensure that remaining warranty obligations on Saab vehicles marketed by GM in the United States and Canada will be honoured.”


Saab owners who purchased their car before February 2010 will naturally feel disappointed, especially if something was to go wrong with their car. In what is bitter sweet news for Saab owners, some are certain to feel aggrieved.

No way back

It does seem that there is no way back for Saab after they filed for bankruptcy. The news has been a long time coming, despite glimpses of hope every so often. It’s unlikely that any company will attempt to clear Saab’s debts and revive its fortunes.

General Motors threatened

General Motors blocked Chinese investors saving the company. They were worried that Saab technology licenses would fall into the hands of rivals overseas and effectively felt threatened. The consequences of that have been drastic for the company.

It is a shame not only for the Swedish car manufacturer themselves but for the automotive industry. Saab was ever present throughout the 1990’s globally and were even competing with BMW at one point in offering sporty luxurious cars.