General Motors bringing I.T in house 0

General-Motors-Logo General Motors are big on technology and are always on the lookout to release ground-breaking in-car products. They have taken a step forward by announcing that they are to hire 1,000 staff for a new technical development centre.

This will be the fourth and final opening of an I.T centre in the United States for General Motors. They wish to bring all development ideas in-house without the need to outsource anything. This will save costs and improve productivity and efficiency.

Those to be hired will include experts from all areas of I.T including software developers and database experts.

Reverse of strategy

The story represents a great turnaround for General Motors and their strategy with I.T. Previously they were one of the main automotive companies known for outsourcing all I.T projects. At present 90 per cent of I.T projects are outsourced with 10 per cent carried out in house. The aim is to reverse those figures.

General Motors have said that they are progressing well for their new strategy but they still have a very long way to go.
They have not stated just how much money this new direction will cost or how much it will save. A large chunk of new employees of college graduates. They will bring new ideas and great energy to all projects. Over 3,000 staff at HP will be brought over to General Motors by April 1st it has been announced.

General Motors will also take on an extra 2,000 I.T workers at new sites in Texas and Michigan. 23 data centres across the world will be consolidated to just two centres based in Michigan.

New Arizona centre

Their new centre in Arizona will cost around $21 million and is expected to be open at this time next year. The Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer has expressed his happiness of General Motors creating more business and job opportunities around the area. Mr Brewer went on to describe the calibre of people working within the area and how those skilled professional and budding college graduates would fit right in to what General Motors are looking for.

A higher quality and more trustworthy type of work is guaranteed when work is brought in house. Will it make a difference in the long term? Will it help General Motors trump Toyota in the race to the top?