General Motors electric car can go 200 miles without charging 0

General Motors are planning on releasing an electric car which can go 200 miles without the need for it to be charged.

General Motors’ ambitious plans will certainly end the worries of “range anxiety”. Electric cars seem to the future and the way forward. At present their starting prices appear to be too expensive. Many don’t believe that such paying such an expensive price is worth it for the technology that comes with the vehicle. However as sales start to increase slowly, prices will decrease gradually. Electric vehicles will eventually become more and more popular.

General Motors believe that their new technology will indeed help to cut the prices down of an electric car. The cost of a battery could effectively be sliced in half. Would there consumer opt for an electric car rather than an economical petrol vehicle?

General Motors have been developing groundbreaking technology in order to help power their electric battery for such a long distance. It is said to be made available in the next two to four years.

Dan Akerson, the CEO of General Motors confirmed that the technology is being developed at a recent meeting. The lithium-ion battery is able to store a great amount of energy, helping the car reach 100 miles on a single charge in just a couple of years.  Mr Akerson spoke about the 200 mile development and said “I think we’ve got better than a 50-50 chance to develop a car that will go to 200 miles on a charge. That would be a game changer.”

If a 200 mile electric car was to be made available, it would represent a stark contrast of the cars on the roads today. The Chevrolet Volt is able to drive 35 miles on a single charge of electricity only. After the charge has run out, the petrol motor then kicks in, helping the car to travel further.

The Telsa Motors Model S will be able to compete but this will only be able to reach around 300 miles. However this vehicle contains a battery of a much larger size and is double the price of the Chevrolet Volt. The Nissan Leaf as well as the Ford Focus both hit 100 miles but that only depends on when certain external conditions are being met.

By the sounds of it, the next generation General Motors electric car will be a groundbreaker.