General Motors enhance the safety of their Cadillac models 0

General Motors have recently have upgraded their safety technology after years and years of research and development. They have been studying typical driver habits on the road to develop a new type of system which can prevent crashes at low speeds.

General Motors have installed the technology within three separate Cadillac models. If the driver fails to spot an oncoming object in front of them, the automatic brakes will kick in and prevent an accident. The safety technology is a final resort. The front and rear brakes work together with radars and sensors. The system also ensures that high speed collision mitigation braking occurs. This does not guarantee that an accident will not occur but it does ensure that the impact will not be as harsh.

Charles Green was involved with the technology being developed. He is a General Motors performance specialists and engineer.

The new 2013 Cadillac ATS, SRX and the XTS will receive the new braking system from General Motors. They will be standard features however, they will be optional. It will come as a whole safety package available for $3,200, although prices could vary from vehicle to vehicle. The package also includes full speed adaptive cruise control.

The low speed braking system will work when the vehicle is travelling at speeds of under 20 MPH. The system can actually be switched off if necessary. General Motors said that they want drivers to feel as if they are in complete control.

General Motors’ Cadillac brand says that the technology is another step towards the milestone of autonomous cars. Recently the car maker has been in the press staking a claim within the self driving technology sector. They believe that plenty of technology that they already have within their cars will contribute to their eventual autonomous vehicles.

Volvo, Google and Ford are also attempting to develop their own autonomous technology. Google’s test vehicles have already driven an amazing 300,000 miles. Volvo’s technology includes City safety, which prevents cars from crashing when travelling at speeds of up to 19 MPH by applying the brakes when a car or object is in front of them. Infiniti, the luxury Japanese car brand owned by Nissan also offer the same technology.

General Motors are clearly keen on forcing their luxury Cadillac brand to catch up with the likes of BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. Their new safety system is sure to be a huge contribution towards the development of their autonomous vehicles.