General Motors sales up in August 0

General Motors have reported an increase of sales over the past month in the United States. All four American based owned brands including Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC saw an increase in sales.
In total sales hit a massive 240,520 overall in the United States. Chevrolet sales increased by 25 per cent, Buick sales increased by 12.4 per cent and GMC sales increased by 3.7 per cent. Cadillac sales saw a massive increase of 11.3 per cent last month. The SRX crossover along with the new Escalade and XTS sedan has been a major force behind the strong performance of the vehicle.
Kurt McNeil, the President of the United States Sales Department said that all four brands are certain to build on momentum and improve gradually.
Chevrolet is the company’s marquee brand. A sales increase was greatly assisted by the fact that the car brand was advertised during the London 2012 Olympics.
Main rivals Ford have also reported a great increase in sales in the United States for the month of August. Following their great achievements in Canada, where they maintained their number one position, Ford’s sales grew by 19 per cent. They managed to shift 197,249 cars in August meaning car sales rose by 7 per cent. Car sales rise went up by 7 per cent, utility vehicles increased by 27.8 per cent and truck sales went up by 6.1 per cent. Ford has stated their ambitious plans of producing 725,000 cars in the fourth quarter which if achieved will be a 7 per cent increase from the previous year. Ford’s luxury brand Lincoln managed to increase their sales by 2 per cent in August.
Rivals Chrysler managed to increase their sales by 14 per cent in August. Car sales were up by 21 per cent with RAM sales up by 18 per cent.
Volkswagen said that their brand managed to increase sales by 63 per cent to 41,011 in total. Volkswagen, Europe’s largest car maker has been making great progress across the Atlantic. They need to be build on their momentum within the world’s second largest car market if they are to overtake General Motors at the top spot and become the world’s number one by 2018.
Will General Motors sales continue to increase as the year goes on?