General Motors to create 2,000 jobs in Michigan 0

General Motors will announce that they are set to create 2,000 jobs in Michigan. 1,500 of those will be at the brand new information technology innovation centre, recently built in Warren. The placements of the remaining 500 jobs are yet to be officially announced.

General Motors are set to announce three new separate projects with the innovation centre coming under one of them. The company will invest a total of $300 million for all three of them it is understood.

Those 1,500 jobs mentioned earlier will be taken on over a course of the next four years. General Motors want college graduates to take up 30 per cent of that number. This is great news for graduates who are struggling to find jobs after their studies have finished. Attracting younger workers is a major part of the company’s philosophy within this particular new project.

Most of General Motors information technology projects are being handled by 1,500 across the world, which accounts for just 10 per cent. The other 90 per cent is outsourced to the remaining 10,000. The company hope to reverse these figures with them keeping more projects in house.

These new IT jobs have already been advertised on the General Motors website. The fact that the world’s largest car company are focusing heavily on Information Technology shows that they are becoming more and more strategic car technology.

Currently General Motors has 23 data centres worldwide. Part of the company’s new strategy is to reduce that figure to just two which will be located in Michigan.

The company is spending $130 million on a data centre placed within the Warren Tech Centre. This will be home to several house data services and laboratories. Last year in May, the company received a $10 million state tax incentive. With this tax incentive, the aim was to redevelop 30 acres across Warren Tech Center for the new data centre. This is expected to create approximately 25 jobs.

The news today represents quite a bit of contrast compared to earlier this year when General Motors announced that they would close a factory. The Canadian factory took 1,500 jobs with it following a lack of demand within the country.

How will General Motors newly created 2,000 jobs affect their battle to stay as the number one car brand in the world?