General Sales in India fall by 11 per cent 0

General Motors have disappointingly reported that their sales have taken a tumble in India with sales falling by 11 per cent in June, when comparing June 2011.

General Motors managed to sell 8,242 cars in June 2011 but only sold 7,364 cars last month.

General Motors seem to have expecting this blow at this time of the year. The Festive months in India, which occur later on during the year, will revive sales and the increase the activity within the automotive industry overall according to the company.

The General Motors Vice President, P Balendran was available for comments saying “The overall market continues to remain sluggish. With market sentiments continuing to remain depressed, we are not expecting the market to show any remarkable improvement before the festival season,”

Another reason for the dip in sales is that the new Tavera model has not yet been released thanks to a temporary cut off in resources, with staff going on strike at the parts suppliers.

Sales in India included 614 Chevrolet Sparks, 5,236 Beat’s, 181 Chevrolet Aveos and 557 Chevrolet Cruzes along with 741 models of the Chevrolet Tavera.

General Motors plan to release the Chevrolet Sail

Chevrolet is set to release their new Sail model coming with a 1.4 petrol engine and a 1.3 litre diesel engine.

This is part of a plan to help the General Motors establish itself more around India. They are set to refresh their model line-up in the country with brand new saloon’s and hatchbacks, along with all important small cars.

The car was recently unveiled at the 2012 Delhi Auto Show to a wonderful and positive reception. It has since gone on to be one of the most anticipated vehicles of the year.

The new Chevrolet Sail will effectively end the Aveo range. The Chevrolet Aveo model has not really performed as well as expected and has experiencing falling sales in recent history.

The Likes of Mahindra, Maruti and Toyota will be looking over their shoulder as they are set to receive some stiff competition for the Swift Dzire, the Verito and the Etios model respectively.

Some believe the Sail starts with an immediate disadvantage. The car will contain a 1.4 litre engine with it’s rivals having a 1.2 litre engine. With a 1.2 engine certain benefits will be offered in terms of tax meaning the car may be overpriced.