Norbet Dentressangle secure contract with Vauxhall 0

Norbert Dentressangle has won a 3 year contract for the overnight distribution of automotive parts. The deal will involve both Vauxhall and Chevrolet dealers, with 300 selected branches having good delivered.

Professional and reliable

The contracted secured was an extension to the current work that has been carried out. Norbert Dentressangle have been working with Vauxhall for the past 12 years, providing parts for after sales. Vauxhall find the company’s professionalism and reliability factor as some of the best there is. The company are also said to cause minimal disruption which was one of the main reason as to why Vauxhall decided to give them a call back.

35 brand new trailers

Following the news, Norbert Dentressangle has decided to invest £1.0 million in 35 brand new trailers. The purchase of the new vehicles are clearly justified as their will be continued business within the firm.

More than just a delivery company

Norbert Dentressangle has been providing Vauxhall Motors with a fantastic service which has enabled the company to operate the highest level possible. They offer more services than just the delivery of parts too. Norbert Dentressangle offer other services such as waste management, outbound loading, the sorting of returns, on site shunting and yard services. Their overall operation is extremely efficient and cost effective.

Official statement

The Warehouse Operations Manager at Vauxhall Motors Peter Durham praised Norbert Dentressangle saying “Norbert Dentressangle provides us with a flexible and proven transport solution that enables us to maintain a high level of service to our retailers. This combined with the a range of added value site services means we will continue to benefit from a reliable and cost effective parts distribution operation.”

The process of delivering parts

How does it all work? Norbert Dentressangle collect orders made from Vauxhall’s Parts Distribution Centre based in Luton. The company would then deliver goods to all necessary locations overnight which causes minimal disruption. That means that all parts will be delivered to locations by 8am the next day if ordered before 6pm the previous day.


Vauxhall and Chevrolet have integrated Norbert Dentressangle’s SHARP (Shipment Handling and Reporting Program) software. This is an integrated online system which improves the efficiency of orders made. They are able to track in real time with all orders being processed straight away at the same time.