Records sales for the Chevrolet Volt still don’t help 0

Although sales reached an all time record high for the Chevrolet Volt in August, sales did not hit the desired target.

The car has been in showrooms for the past two years. It is no longer a “new” car, everyone in the United States now knows about it. According to some sources, General Motors are losing approximately $49,000 per Volt that they sell. General Motors have released their own statement claiming that those figures are wide off the mark.

Chevrolet recently made their leasing offers more attractive in order to bring in customers. However those offers were not as effective as first thought and have driven losses even further down. In effect some customers are paying $5,000 for a vehicle that costs almost 18 times that amount to produce. If sales continue to go the way they are at the moment, it will be a few years until profit is being made on each car sold.

Although Chevrolet has had a two year head start, rivals such as Ford and Honda are releasing rivals which will give the Volt a run for their money. The competition will ensure that the vehicle is not the only one within it’s category, making the situation tougher for the General Motors owned brand.

Did the Chevrolet Volt appear too early? There is no doubt that the vehicle is a superb driving machine. The technology that went into it is indeed groundbreaking with a great deal of technology. But the car may have been over engineered. Some consumers may be overwhelmed and confused. One thing is for sure, more customers are overwhelmed by the price tag. The cost to develop the vehicle has been passed down to the price, even then it is quite generous.

The technology is so advanced that some are afraid of the maintenance costs and work of the car. The car’s battery takes a huge two hours to charge. That’s not ideal for those always on the go.

Chevrolet is not alone in experiencing the problem. The Japanese group of Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi have also been struggling to shift the hybrid cars. The Toyota Prius, the world’s best selling hybrid is the only exception.

Altogether Chevrolet has invested $1.2 billion in their Volt. They need more sales to actually start reaping the rewards of the car. That is sure not be for the next few years at least.