The Cadillac CTS-V destined for the UK 0

Cadillac, the General Motors owned company have confirmed that their CTS-V model will hit the UK automotive market.

It will be converted into a right hand drive vehicle when released over on these shores Cadillac have confirmed. This is a significant step as the car is only available as a right hand drive car.  Cadillac are clearly making steps towards expanding their international operations, with most of their business currently in North America.

Cadillac ATS

The CTS-V is a European catered model according to Joel Ewanick, the Chief of General Motors. The Cadillac ATS saloon will be the first model from the company to hit the European market.  It is expected to act as a direct rival to the BMW 3 Series. This will also be made available in right hand drive, an absolute must for any vehicle to succeed in the UK for obvious reasons.

It has been designed to meet customer demands according to General Motors. The company have changed their vision and execution since their Government bail out in 2008. Global market needs are now one of Cadillac’s main focus. At present all models are only attractive within the American region. A change in direction could be just what the American luxury car producers are looking for.

The original Cadillac CTS model has already been available in the UK for a number of months. The CTS-V, the more powerful and high performance model has been held off the UK market. We believe the car will be a success in the UK and around Europe too.

Previous efforts to make a right hand drive European based models include the Seville / STS in 1998 as well as the European based Saab BLS back in 2006.

Joel Ewanick, the General Motors Head has said that “There wasn’t a commitment to the product before and we didn’t design cars to the market demands. The Germans do this very well. There is now a full resource commitment and a vision to get this right. Bankruptcy refocused GM.”

Can Cadillac improve their European operations?