Vauxhall GT still in the pipeline 0

A rear-wheel-drive GT concept is still very much in the pipeline, almost a year after the car was first unveiled by Vauxhall-Opel at the Geneva Motor Show. The dual-company believes it still has around two years to make a final decision about production before the proposed design loses its appeal. The companies’ chairman Karl-Thomas Neumann(…)

Classic car fans angry as Vauxhall restarts scrappage scheme 0

Classic car fans have taken angrily to social media after a picture emerged of an Austin Maestro abandoned in a skip outside a Suffolk dealership. The stunt was part of an advertising promotion for Vauxhall’s latest scrappage scheme, similar to the one introduced by the government in 2009. The original scheme gave owners of older(…)

Vauxhall Astra set to return to British touring car championship 0

There have been more competitors then there has been for some time competing in the British Touring Car Championship at the moment. One notable absentee from the grid however has been Vauxhall, but that’s about to change. From next season, Power Maxed Racing will field a racing edition of the latest Astra in the Dunlop(…)

Vauxhall driver brushes teeth whilst driving on motorway 0

A Vauxhall driver who was filmed brushing his teeth as he drove on the motorway has been slammed for his irresponsible behaviour behind the wheel. Robert Tulip was shocked when he spotted a fellow driving spend roughly five minute brushing his teeth, as he drove at speeds around 50mph on the M62. He then spat(…)

Dealers work with recall ‘superb’ says Vauxhall boss 0

The chairman of Vauxhall, Rory Harvey, has described the work done by the company’s dealer network as ‘superb’, with regards to the enormous recall initiated after the recent fires. Last year, the manufacturer was forced to take steps after a defect with a fuse register in the ventilation system of the Zafira B people carrier,(…)

Vauxhall re-introduce scrappage allowance scheme 0

Vauxhall have restarted their Scrappage Allowance Scheme meaning customers could save up to £2,000 on the cost of selected new Vauxhall models. The offer is available when Vauxhall customers trade in their car to be scrapped, and can be used in conjunction with a range of the company’s finance packages including flexible Personal Contract Purchase.(…)

Vauxhall celebrates one year anniversary of OnStar 0

A year has passed since the introduction of Vauxhall’s OnStar system to its vehicles in the UK, and much in the same way as it was with cousin Opel, it’s been a major success. The service, which offers on board communication, security, navigation and regular diagnostic checkups, has revolutionised on-board computer intelligence, and set a(…)

Vauxhall has ambitious plans for 2017 0

Vauxhall have revealed ambitious plans for 2017, with the intention of releasing as many as five new models over the next twelve months, complementing its already significant range. “2017 will be a landmark year for Vauxhall,” said Vauxhall Chairman and Managing Director Rory Harvey. The carmaker intends to launch a new flagship model, in the(…)

Vauxhall to release Crosswind X crossover 0

2017 will see Vauxhall release a new crossover called the Crosswind X. Little has been officially released about the new model, but the company has confirmed that it will sit alongside the existing Mokka X, and have its own identity. A larger version of the new vehicle will also be released, aimed at sitting alongside(…)