Cadillac’s superb self driving technology 0

Cadillac has made a bold promise, to bring self driving vehicles by the year 2015. Really? Is that possible?

UK is still very much so behind
That’s quite a statement to make especially considering the likes of electric cars haven’t exactly taken off as expected. There are still many issues to sort out with today’s conventional cars. None of those factors have to be considered. In that respect the United Kingdom is a bit behind. There have been plenty talks regarding self driving cars in the United States. Many do believe that the technology is just around the corner from being fully integrated on the roads. Can Cadillac’s technology make it happen?

Recently other companies have stepped up their game to develop self driving technology. That doesn’t just include car manufacturers such as Ford and BMW. Another name who has surprisingly entered the frame is Google. They have been in the news over the past few months discussing their plans to bring about self driving technology. Google have shown plans to bring about vehicles that are entirely automated. That means absolutely no human intervention is needed. The rest have not gone that far yet. The car manufacturers have been fondling on the idea of developing semi-autonomous driving.

Semi autonomous, not full yet
Semi autonomous driving mode is a lot more sophisticated than that of cruise control. Semi autonomous driving provides a much safer environment when on the road. Accidents and collisions will be heavily reduced. Cars will automatically detect if a collision is about to occur and direct the vehicle into a safer position, whether that be coming to a halt or dodging the vehicle. Motorway drivers will be able to fully relax, almost as if they are at home on the sofa. Semi autonomous driving will take complete control. That will ideal to those who struggle to keep full concentration on long journeys. Cadillac technology is perhaps more advanced than others in that respect.

Super Cruise technology
A great chunk of the technology needed to implement semi autonomous driving is already contained with the Cadillac’s special driver assistance packages. When released, it will be named the Super cruise system. When the system is fully completed it will contain the likes of cameras, sensors and GPS. This helps detect the vehicles surroundings so that it is able to safely drive minus the intervention from a driver.  The lane centring technology is apparently central to the whole system according to Cadillac themselves.

Only available during perfect weather
It must be noted that Cadillac’s super cruise technology will only be available for use during normal weather conditions. If road markings in the road are unable to be properly detected, super cruise would be able to function. This means having a nap whilst on the road is not an option as of yet. What technology will Google cars have to counter the natural occurrences which were just mentioned?

Cadillac wants to make the roads safer once again
Cadillac’s main aim, as stated by General Motors is to bring about safer roads, not to allow drivers to relive stress and relax when they are in their vehicle. They believe that semi autonomous driving means that drivers who are not even aware that they are in a hazardous situation will be saved time and time again.

Google’s progress
Google’s method of no human intervention whatsoever may sound attractive now, but it is clearly a much longer way off than Cadillac’s vision for 2015. Google’s aim of developing self driving technology is to allow drivers to relax when they are on their daily travels. Tests have been underway, carried out by Google. One of those tests involved a car hitting another in a minor incident. There are still plenty more tests to carry out. So far 140,000 miles of tests have been carried out.

Will Cadillac’s super cruise system technology be ready for 2015?  One thing is for sure, when it is, there will be a very high price for it. Just imagine relaxing during those lengthy traffic jams and not having to follow other cars at snail’s pace. It almost sounds like a dream that could become reality very soon if Cadillac got their figures right.