Cadillac in need of a boost 0

Cadillac’s sales are falling behind in the American luxury car market. They are now moving further and further away from the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

The company’s sales could be about to get even better thanks to the brand new ATS, which is expected out soon. Last year sales counted for just 63 per cent of BMW’s total sales this year. Sales are down this year too.

The ATS is expected to challenge the likes of the 3 Series and the C-Class. The car will be the least expensive and the smallest model of the whole range. The development of such a car shows just how the company have altered their strategy and changed direction slightly.

At the moment it is Mercedes-Benz who holds a lead ahead of BMW, only by a slight amount. The eventual end of year winners is anyone’s guess at the moment. Cadillac believes that they should be competing at the very top with the likes of the top German companies and Lexus. It has been 15 years since they were at the top spot.

Don Butler, the company’s Vice President believes that the company can double what they were selling back in 2010 over the next few years.  He is confident that the company can compete for that number one spot sooner rather than later. By anyone’s standards, those are extremely ambitious targets.

The top German three of Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW are focusing on the American luxury market more than ever. The European car market is in great decline thanks to the Euro Zone crisis. The Chinese car market has also slumped. It is up to the American market to help bring up the luxury market following a major slowdown in the market. It will be tough to return to the level they were at 15 years ago. In 1997, they managed to sell 182,624 vehicles to achieve that converted number one spot. Last year the company only managed to sell 147,000 vehicles. Cadillac plans on achieving the feat by releasing brand new designs.

There are plans to make the brand a worldwide force rather than just sticking to the American market. Executives plan to spread the brand throughout markets such as the Middle East, China and Europe.

Cadillac’s battle to stay amongst the top 4 is in an interesting one. Are they being too ambitious?