The Chevrolet Volt represents American quality – Part 1 0

After years and years of research, the Chevrolet Volt was finally developed and released. Many view the car as a game changer and one of the important vehicles ever released. Why? The Volt is the first ever mass produced electric and petrol combination car. It has however not been plain sailing since it’s release. The car has been under scrutiny and investigated by America’s automotive industry watchdog on numerous occasions.

The car’s battery was reported to have caught fire in a car park, leading to a mass recall in the United States. Why we believe the car is greatIt is estimated that the Chevrolet Volt’s lithium ion batteries allows the vehicle to travel an estimated 40 miles on a single charge. The vehicle contains two electric motors which work with the two front wheels. That ultimately means that typical daily trips such as commutes to work will purely use electric energy only, meaning there will be no need for the petrol engine to be put into use.

That shows just how clever General Motors are. They designed an electrical vehicle which will adapt and suit everyone’s daily lives. Petrol triggers a generator when the electric battery is approximately 60 per cent finished, adding extra liquid in order to keep the vehicle running. Once the battery has run out of juice, the petrol engine will kick in and keep the vehicle moving. That particular area of the vehicle is very economical, running at a rate of 34 miles per gallon. Performance not compromisedIn essence the car represents a realistic method of avoiding the petrol pumps. Fuel prices are on the up. They have reached record highs across the world.

Electric cars currently on the car market have not taken off as expected. Many believe that the starting price for them is far too much. Manufacturers justify that by saying that the cost to develop the technology is expensive. Electric vehicles are simply not adaptable to motorists’ everyday lifestyles and tastes. Some will claim that although they are cheap to run, they are not fast enough or that they don’t offer enough thrill. The Chevrolet Volt is more than just a clean drive. It also offers a wholly satisfying drive, giving off a brilliant performance. Many were surprised at how the car can actually offer a performance that is perhaps equal or even better than some petrol models on the road.