Vauxhall confirm the mini Adam 0

Vauxhall has made it official that their ADAM variant will be released at some point next year.

Sporty and muscular, not small and sweet

The car has not yet officially been unveiled, not even in concept format. The next thing, spy pictures have been brandished all over the internet. As expected the pictures show a vehicle that is largely covered up with hardly any clues as to what the vehicle will look like. Vauxhall themselves have given us a great indication of what car will eventually look like by saying it will have a “sporty and muscular design”. Speculation of the car being small and sweet has certainly gone out the window following that statement from Vauxhall.

Vauxhall’s new generation of design

Many expect the car to come with Vauxhall’s new generation of design. This includes the car containing Eagle Eye Headlights which can be seen on the upcoming Vauxhall Ampera.

Three and four door variants

The car will come in both three door and four door variants. When released it will rival the likes of the MINI Cooper. It will measure 3.70 metres which is the near enough the same length as the MINI Hatchback.

Endless customisation. Will that be enough?

One of the main selling points about MINI’s is that customers are able to customise it however they wish (almost). Vauxhall are going down the same route with the Adam. They will add a number of customisation possibilities making the vehicle one of the most unique on the road. According to Vauxhall, there will be 10,000 customisable options to choose from within. Is that enough of an incentive to purchase the vehicle?

Chassis and engine options

The Vauxhall Adam will take the chassis from the latest Vauxhall Corsa. Being a small Vauxhall, expect the car to be very efficient. It will have a mixture of petrol and diesel options. Uniquely a three cylinder engine will also be made available.

£10,000 starting price, same as the Fiat 500

We will get to see production version at the Paris Motor Show in September. It is said to have a starting price of £10,000 which is within the same category as the Fiat 500. Will the Vauxhall Adam add excitement and refresh the UK mini car market or will it flop with it facing established rivals such as the MINI Cooper and the Fiat 500?