Vauxhall Nova Review (1983-1993) 0

The Vauxhall Nova is an iconic car and is very important vehicle in the history of the company.

It helped put Vauxhall map and was one of the first in the generation of supermini’s. It created a platform for how successful the Vauxhall Corsa is today.

It lasted a fantastic 10 years in production before it was finally brought to an end.

We take a look at the best points of the car and why it made such an impact.


For such a small car, the Vauxhall Nova offered a generous amount of room within the boot and the cabin. Compared to rivals at the time, the car was one of the best in its class in terms of offering a great amount of practicality.

Running costs

A huge advantage of owning a small car is the low running costs. The Vauxhall Nova can be considered as one the pioneers of offering such low expenditure. Low costs meant performance had to be sacrificed but owners who went for this type of car were not too concerned.

Parts were very cheap and remain that way. The only problem is that since the car ended production a number of years ago, availability of them may be quite difficult to come across.


It was hard to find a supermini more reliable than this one during its heyday. It was engineered very well and not many complained of problems. It was so well made that if you find one that has been well taken care of, it could end up being quite a good deal.

Look for all the necessary paperwork of new parts and ensure that the car has full service history. The later variants that came with more electrical components will need extra attention as many of them may not be in perfect working order considering the age of the car.


If were back in the 1980’s or 1990’s, this review would have been describing one of the best small cars available at the time.

Cars have since moved on which offer the car’s advantageous features in a much better fashion.

If you want a cheap, reliable small car, you could do a lot worse than the Vauxhall Nova.