Vauxhall Vectra Estate 2003-2009 0

We have already reviewed the Vauxhall Vectra but today we look further in depth into the Estate version of the car.

In today’s article we discuss the features that make Vauxhall Vectra Estate an overall top class car.


We have to start with the car’s practicality as it is truly immense throughout. Dropping down the rear seats will provide around 1850 litres of space. There is still plenty of storage space with them sitting up, enough to hold a full families luggage. Everyone is able to in complete comfort with a lot of leg and head room. Being the estate version of an already immensely practical car, you really wouldn’t expect any less.

The drive

The driver gets a brilliant view of the road ahead sitting in a great amount of comfort. For a family car, it grips the road better than expected offering some of the best handling in its class. When cruising along, you won’t get the disturbance of wind noise, which comes as a huge benefit on long distance journeys. When you drive the car how it is supposed to driven i.e. subtle and conservatively, there is hardly any engine noise.

Running costs

The running costs are some of the lowest offered in its class. Servicing the car comes very cheaply, with an alert when it is due through the cars on board computer. When driving the car in a sensible manner, typical bills will naturally be decreased. The 1.9 diesel variant can achieve a huge 47 MPG + and is the best choice in terms of fuel efficiency.


We recommend opting for the normal version of the car rather than the sporty variants. You get the most out the car’s most advantageous features when you buy the mainstream versions.

There are various other brilliant features too including a wide range of safety kit. There is a full set of air-bags along with anti-lock brakes. Is it the best value for money family car on the market?

The Vauxhall Vectra Estate is widely seen a brilliant alternative to the Ford Mondeo. It is wonderful to drive and an all round brilliant family car.