Vauxhall’s new road trip apps 0

More and more car manufacturers seem to be bridging the gap between computers and automobiles. Vauxhall have joined suit by introducing an iPhone application called “Vauxhall Road Trip”.

Working differently compared to a typical journey or route planner, the new Vauxhall app calculates the cost of fuel as well as other business expenses too.  The application will target businesses that provide their staff with company cars as well as anyone else. It will be a very useful way of calculating expenses, saving time and reducing common errors.  Hassle is saved with employees as well as the business, who typically find it a bother to recoup travel expenses. Fleet car companies will especially find the new Vauxhall app very appealing.

The application has a memory of favourite destinations so data doesn’t have to be continually entered.  This feature makes it very useful for employees who drive company cars, with their common routes saved within the application.

The reporting system represents some clever functionality by the company. Reports of expenses and trips are able to be e-mailed to the appropriate members of staff within your company via a CSV file. Confidential data is able to be backed up and accessed on different digital devices. Password protection is also an option making your valuable data as secure as possible.

Reviews so far have been very positive for the Vauxhall app, according to Apple’s official website. You’ll be able to use the app on the iPod touch and iPad, as typical with most of the Apple applications. However the iOS must be at least 3.1.2.

The new development from Vauxhall is a great way of expanding the companies’ horizons. With them joining the current smart-phone app boom, they are exposed to different markets bringing which potentially brings about more eventual profits.  What’s special about it all is that that it isn’t just restricted to Vauxhall owners, it is available for anyone to use.  All vehicles from any manufacturer are said to available for entry.

This is sure not to be the last application from a car manufacturer dedicated to smartphones and other digital devices.

What’s even better is that the Vauxhall app comes completely free. Simply search for Vauxhall Road trip on the Apple App Store if this sounds it will be beneficial to your company.