Vauxhall Meriva review 0

A unique looking car, in a good way, the Vauxhall Meriva has been a welcoming introduction into the market for UK families since 2002.

It can be described as a mix between a small car and a MPV that has the best features in both types of vehicles. The look of it being a family car does widely spring to mind in terms of its exterior but the design is still quite attractive.

We take a look as to why we think the Vauxhall Meriva has been quite successful in the UK market in this review.


Adults are able to sit very comfortably within. Bumps and humps aren’t felt a lot on uneven roads and it is one of the features on the car. The driver is able to sit comfortably with wonderfully laid controls on either side.


Drivers who buy the car don’t get it for the style or blistering pace, but more for the practicality that it offers. Appealing to families, the back seats can adjust to create more space in any way you wish. It comes with a big boot as expected to fit more than just your everyday items.  There plenty of storage spaces within to add to the cars practicality.  The visibility of the road for the driver is brilliant too.

Owning the car

Everything is brilliantly priced with the car. This includes the price of purchase, insurance, petrol, tax and servicing. The car also holds its value very well too, making the Vauxhall Merviva even more an attractive proposition. The car is said to be able to produce a brilliant 57mpg, a wonderful figure on any car.


The car is very safe which is represented with its 5 star Euro NCAP crash test rating. All models come with stability control as well as twin front and side airbags. There is also stability control too which is a brilliant safety feature.


The car is a worthy alternative to the Citroen C3 Picasso or the Nissan Note.  There are many more features of the car making it a worthy car to purchase, we have just highlighted a few. If you want a practical multi-purpose vehicle that is reliable, not too large and completely family orientated and then the Vauxhall Meriva is for you.