Vauxhall to rival the Volkswagen Nils 0

Vauxhall to rival the Volkswagen Nils

Vauxhall has revealed plans for a new concept electric car, which will be displayed at next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show.Not only will the company rival the Volkswagen Nils, but it will also rival the Renault Twizy and the Audi Urban Concepts.

What’s the name of the car?

The news is certainly a bolt from the blue, as no one had expected Vauxhall to release this type of car. It is so new that the name is still unknown, as Vauxhall haven’t officially revealed it as of yet, or any official images for that matter.

The design

From what we can see from the design released by Vauxhall, the new electric concept car will adopt a similar front design to the soon to be released Vauxhall Ampera, with the headlights appearing to be similarly shaped on both cars.

The back of the car is possibly the most interesting angle, with it designed like a motorbike. Overall the car has an attractive and futuristic design, looking very unique and is sure to appeal to many people. It certainly doesn’t look like your average car.

A dedicated city car for the future

The new Vauxhall electric concept will deemed as a city car, with excellent economical capabilities. It will be able to reach 60miles before recharging and will be able to reach a top speed of 75mph. It will be a great urban car that will also be suitable for motorway trips.  The car will able to seat 2 people within.

Competitively priced and a good driving experience

The fact that will be small and very light (according to Vauxhall) means that it will have excellent agility. Vauxhall will be hoping to make their new electric concept car deliver an exciting driving experience to all drivers. Considering this, the car may appeal especially to younger drivers who are on a smaller budget.

As it is just a concept car there have been no plans for release. But could this be the future? Is the new way of urban transport and commuting small emission free electric cars? As mentioned earlier Volkswagen, Audi and Renault all plan to release concept city cars, meaning there could be some substance within the statement.  Vauxhall will be hoping that their new electric concept car is the start of something new and will influence future plans for car development.