Vauxhall Vectra Review 0

The Vauxhall Vectra was surprisingly taken out of production, after a successful 7 years on the UK market.

When it was available, it was an extremely popular car and very common amongst our roads.

We look at our favourite points on the latest model that was released.


We like to start off on what we think is strongest point about the car in our reviews. The drive and handling is superb on the car but the immense practicality within the vehicle has just edged that factor out.

The sheer size of the vehicle will immediately give away that the car is roomy. When sitting inside, you will not be let down by the first impression.

Four adults are able to sit quite comfortably, with a fifth also to sit on comfort in some cases. There are a couple of handy storage spaces, with the glove box containing a lot of room.

The boot is large enough to store luggage as well as large bags alongside it, with 500 litres of room.

Drive and handling

As mentioned before, we are a big fan of the car’s smoothness on the road and agility too.

Passengers are unlikely to complain of the road’s bumps and of an uncomfortable ride. The Vauxhall Vectra rides over bumps very well, sometimes as if they are not even there.

The wind and engine noise is kept down to a minimum. There is a nice and quiet atmosphere within the car for everyone to feel at ease.  In most types of adverse weather and road conditions, the car will remain solid and comfortable.

The handling on the vehicle is so good that the driver will feel as if they are driving a much smaller and lighter car. It is certainly a car for the type of driver that likes excitement and fun when on the road.


The Vauxhall Vectra is very attractive and has a great appeal to it. Although it is designed for the modern day family, it has a sporty look to it.


The car was eventually replaced by the Vauxhall Insignia, which on all accounts has been quite successful. However it could be argued that many would still like to see the Vauxhall Vectra make a return.