Will Vauxhall enter the small city car market? 0

Speculation was rife about Vauxhall releasing a new rival to the Citroen C1 around a month ago. Dubbed the “Vauxhall Junior”, the car was spied upon during a test by Vauxhall, with the car being typically covered in black (as with all unfinished products from automotive manufactures)

It has been headlined as a rival to the MINI too, with its small dimensions being the same as the MINI hatch. It could be a revolutionary type of car for Vauxhall, with it being designed in a slightly different way. What do we mean by that? There is said to be new luxury interior and high quality materials. However all of that is said to come at a price that represents all of that extravagance.

Concept city cars as well as those currently in production are branded as fun and exciting to drive. The Vauxhall Junior is no different. Branded as quite an engaging car to take for a spin, expect to hear more from the type of enjoyment it will provide in the near future.

Not too much is given away at present with the images released. As mentioned before the car is completely covered in black around the test track. One feature that can be safely assured of is the boomerang headlight, as seen on the upcoming Ampera. This seems to be the future of the design of Vauxhall cars. However keep noted that it hasn’t yet been confirmed by the German automotive company.

General Motors, a partner in Vauxhall, are said to be involved in the development of the next-generation engines that are to be installed upon the car. Being a small city car, it comes as no surprise that the Vauxhall Junior will have a petrol engine as small as 1.0 litre, with tremendous environmental credentials. The car is will emit just 100g/km of C02 whilst achieving a brilliant 80mpg. So far, the car really does sound like it will be a hit.

The car is said to cost around £11,000 and will be able to purchase in 2013. The company are already promising that it will be an exceptional car.  It all sounds very exciting so far, but will the Vauxhall Junior live up to all the hype?