General Motors

A brief history of Vauxhall 0

If you think of the historical mainstays of the British motoring industry, Vauxhall has to be up there with the best of them. Now under the PSA Group’s umbrella after a lengthy stint with General Motors, Vauxhall has a rich and interesting history stretching back over a hundred years. Here are the key moments in(…)

A look back at the Vauxhall Senator Mk1 (1983 – 1987) 0

To all intents and purposes, the Vauxhall Senator was just a facelifted edition of the Royale, the car that introduced the General Motors ‘shovel’ nose plus lots of upgraded tech to the 1982 top-of-the-range edition, a year prior to the release of the Senator. GM used the ‘A2’ facelift as an opportunity to focus and(…)

A look back at the Vauxhall Viva HC (1970 – 1979) 0

No-one could have anticipated when the Viva HC made its debut back in 1970, it would also be the last of its line. But the seventies would mark a time when the marque’s parent company General Motors would start to implement serious integration between the Opel side of things and the British cousin across the(…)

GM recalls four million vehicles 0

Unclear if recall affects UK cars, but GM has confirmed fault does not affect Vauxhall cars. Four million vehicles worldwide are being recalled by General Motors, in an attempt to cure a software defect that has been linked with a fatality. GM said that the recall was to fix an airbag software fault on certain(…)

General Motors big plans for 2013 0

General Motors were knocked off the top spot by Toyota in the race to become the world’s number one car manufacturer last year. Feeling disappointed, they have decided to make some great changes to the company’s line-up this year. They plan a major overhaul in their line-up next year. They intend to remove 70 per(…)

The ELR production confirmed from Cadillac 0

Cadillac has confirmed that they are set to produce the ELR from next year. This will represent the first plug-in hybrid from the luxury car company. According to Cadillac, this will be the first of many. The General Motors owned firm announced that production will start from the second half of the year. They will(…)

Strong sales towards the end of the year 0

General Motors reported strong sales for the month of November. Along with the likes of Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Hyundai and Volkswagen, General Motors have been looking to the future away from the distractions of the Presidential election and Hurricane Sandy. Dealer sales are said to be as high as those in February 2008. Altogether 1.1(…)

A great December for General Motors and co 0

Sales for General Motors, Vauxhall’s holding company, were up in America for December of last year.   A great December all round Compared to last year, sales were up by 5 %. Overall it was one the best ever December’s for the automotive industry. General Motors along with Ford and Chrysler reported great sales during(…)

General Motors facing backlash in Europe 0

Vauxhall’s American based owners General Motors look set for major repercussions with the German Government. The news stems from General Motors planning to make job cuts and close down factories within its Opel brand, which is known as Vauxhall in the UK. The company’s European operations have been disappointing this year. They posted their loss(…)