Vauxhall reaches 120 – fascinating pictures show car maker over the years 0

The history of one of the UK’s oldest car makers has been documented by a series of fascinating photos featuring in a new book about the company. The photographs form part of a new book about the company by Ian Coomber, who has worked at the firm for 38 years. In the book: Vauxhall: Britain’s(…)

A brief history of Vauxhall 0

If you think of the historical mainstays of the British motoring industry, Vauxhall has to be up there with the best of them. Now under the PSA Group’s umbrella after a lengthy stint with General Motors, Vauxhall has a rich and interesting history stretching back over a hundred years. Here are the key moments in(…)

‘Business as usual’ says Vauxhall chief 0

The recent Geneva Motor Show was meant to be a showcase for Vauxhall, a chance to bask in the excitement surrounding the brand’s latest releases, notably the Insignia Grand Sport, Sports Tourer and Crossland X SUV. Instead, all the talk was about the PSA takeover of Opel-Vauxhall, and what the future holds for the company’s(…)

Vauxhall say Ampera-e not coming to UK 0

The Ampera-e, Vauxhall’s new electric car which was revealed at the recent Paris Motor Show, will not be released in Britain. However, the vehicle – which will be sold in the rest of Europe from 2017, by Opel – will be evaluated by the company to determine feasibility of releasing a future generation of the(…)

Vauxhall to slow production as Brexit worries build 0

Production is to be slowed on some of Vauxhall’s main UK models, as fears of Brexit’s impact on the UK start to impact on the car market. The company is planning to reduce working hours at its German plants in Esienach and Ruesselsheim. These plants are responsible for the Corsa and Insignia models. The company(…)