Brand new Vauxhall Adam S revealed 0

vauxhall_adamThe mini city car Vauxhall Adam  now has a new variant added to the list. The sportier S model will be able to produce 148 BHP, being turbocharged.

With power comes responsibility, therefore bigger brakes have been installed. The vehicle will be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show as a production preview concept car. It is is in essence what the car will look like when it is released into showrooms later in the year.


More power

In comes a brand new turbo version of the 1.4 litre engine, which increases power by 50 BHP. This allows the S version Adam to rival that of the MINI Cooper. The car will be able reach an impressive top speed of 137 MPH, while experts believe it will be able to hit 0 – 60 MPH in under eight seconds, with that particular statistic not yet being confirmed. Some experts believe a future model will come with the Corsa VXR’s 1.6 litre turbocharged engine given that the Adam S comes with the Corsa VXR’s platform.

Although it is not a VXR version (which would have been pretty cool) the car does come with a VXR braking system which has 16 inch brake discs at the front with red calipers.

Looks wise the car will be very identifiable as you would expect from an Adam. The body is painted red with a black roof that offers a delightful contrast. The spoiler gives away the sporty and powerful type of look, as does the larger exhaust pipe. The new sporty alloy wheel suit the vehicle well. Inside come the famous Recaro sports seats.


Super efficient Adam also on show

Another Vauxhall Adam will be shown off at the Geneva Motor Show which comes with a new three cylinder 1.0 litre turbo engine. This has hopes of rivalling the Ford EcoBoost engine, with Vauxhall going for a ‘super efficient’ model too. This is expected to come in two variants, an 89 BHP version and a 113 BHP version. The car is expected to reach 62 MPG reach emissions as low as 99g/km, meaning owners will get free road tax.

It is well known that the Vauxhall Adam S is inspired by the Peugeot 106 Rallye, as confirmed by Vauxhall’s Stuart Harris. Experts believe the car will cost around £16,000.