Chevrolet restart the production of the Volt 0

Chevrolet have restarted production of the Volt at their Detroit factory. Previously there was no restart date for production as General Motors had not revealed the news. Production has been commencing since February 6th.

They are also resuming the process of exporting models of low carbon emissions to the state of California. Their presence will be seen at over 140 dealerships in the state before March General Motors have confirmed.

Production stopped for the holiday period

The halt in production was nothing to do with the complaints from the NHTSA involving the battery potentially provoke a fire. Production was stopped to accommodate the holiday period back in December. It has taken a fair while for production to resume many believe.

California tailored

The low emission Volt’s are sure to be a great hit within California. The state is known for it’s tremendous amount of carbon emissions and huge congestion within the city. Economical vehicles are just what California could be doing with at the moment. The car is so economical that the state itself will provide financial incentives to purchase one.

The Chevrolet Volt has an electric range of 35 miles, meaning for that distance the car does not emit any emissions. The car’s total driving range is 379 miles. With California tailored models, they are sure to prove to be a success within the state.

Changes still need to be made

Last year General Motors saw sales of the Volt standing at below 7,700. This was a fair deal below the hoped target of 10,000. The investigation into the safety hazards of potential fires as mentioned earlier were one of the main reasons for sales falling behind. In the end there was no recall of vehicles and the investigation was closed. General Motors did promise to make some changes however.

There are now some steel reinforcements added to the battery pack along with new sensors being developed. General Motors have not yet decided upon a date for recalls for these specific areas to be fixed.

Projections held back

Previously there was a target of 45,000 for the whole of this year. General Motors have subsequently turned their back on this projection claiming that there will not be enough demand. They had done the same last year with anticipations of Opel breaking even. Great losses contributed towards General Motors deciding on reversing their forecast.