General Motors hit the number one spot again 0

Vauxhall owners General Motors have once hit the number one spot as the world’s number one car producer. They have knocked Toyota off the top to reclaim the position. The Japanese car giants have now dipped down to number three with Volkswagen jumping to number two.

Over 9 million

The company managed to sell a staggering 9.03 million vehicles in 2011 across the globe. This is the first time that the giants were able to beat the 9 million figure since 2007. Although Toyota’s figures haven’t been released as of yet, the company believe that figures will hit around the 7.9 million mark.


General Motors lead the way for 77 years until 2008 as the world’s largest car producer. Toyota knocked them off but they may struggle to repeat the same feat. Toyota has clearly struggled following the natural disasters of floods, earthquakes and a tsunami in the Asian region.


Sales increased by 7.6 % when comparing 2010, with 8.39 million cars being sold. Sales in Europe were up by 4.4 % and 3.9 % in South America.


Chevrolet played an integral part in General Motors reaching their remarkable sales figures, selling around 4.75 million units. Their Cruze model sold tremendously well and was one of the most appealing small compact cars in many global markets.

The results represent a remarkable turnaround since they need Government funding to avoid the effects of bankruptcy amid a worldwide global car market recession.

More profits rather than being number one

Despite the prestige and reputation that comes with being the world’s number one car producer, reaching the top spot doesn’t necessarily mean that profits are riding high. Currently the likes of Ford and Volkswagen are winning on that front. Dan Akerson, the General Motors Executive Officer has now placed a higher emphasis on gaining higher profits.

Toyota ready to fight

Toyota’s sales did however show a great deal of growth when compared to Japanese rivals Nissan and Hyundai. They were not taking the result lying down and are currently building new factories in the emerging car markets such of China, Thailand and Brazil. They aim to be selling more than 50 % from these markets by the year 2015.

2012 will be one of the interesting battles in recent times to see just who will be the number one car producer.