Jon Lauckner named as new General Motors Chief Technology Officer 0

General Motors have named Jon Lauckner has their new Chief technology officer. The highly respected job will coincide with his current position as the President of General Motors Ventures.

He will be wholly responsible for discovering new car technologies being the head of the companies Research and Development. He replaces Tom Stephens who has announced that he be retiring from duty in April and Alan Taub, who is responsible for Research and Development current. Again Mr Taub has announced his retirement.

Investing in start up’s who develop new automotive technology

Mr Lauckner will report to the General Motors Vice Chairman like normal, Stephen Girsky who has been in his role since 2010. His job role doesn’t stop there. He will also be appointed a member of the global product development staff. Mr Lauckner will take on the task of investing in small or start up companies who develop automotive technology.

A brilliant choice for the job

Mr Girsky was full of praise of Mr Laucker and was clearly looking forward to his appointment. He said “Jon’s vast knowledge and experience in product development and engineering, combined with his ability to identify new and innovative external technology partners, make him a perfect fit for this critically important role.”

The charitable work of General Motors

The General Motors CEO, Dan Akerson along with his wife have generously donated $1 million to the Habitat for Humanity Detroit initiative named the Leaders to re-build Detroit. Mr Akerson is closely connected to the city of Detroit as he lives here as well as in Washington.

The news was confirmed by General Motors spokesman Greg Martin.”Dan has a long track record of supporting strong communities both in the greater Washington, D.C. area and certainly now that he has moved to Detroit. This is just one more example of Dan rolling up his sleeves and getting actively involved in the communities where he lives and works.”

Other charitable events

This is not the first time that Mr Akerson and Mr Martin have been involved in such events to help the city of Detroit. Both were involved in the Karmanos Cancer Institute as well as the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

General Motors as a company have also been in involved in charitable projects. These include a $27.1 million investment to help graduation rates at various Michigan secondary schools.