Strong sales towards the end of the year 0

General Motors reported strong sales for the month of November. Along with the likes of Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Hyundai and Volkswagen, General Motors have been looking to the future away from the distractions of the Presidential election and Hurricane Sandy.

Dealer sales are said to be as high as those in February 2008. Altogether 1.1 million vehicles were sold in November alone. General Motors have said that they are right on track to meet their end of year targets. Last month was the company’s best November since the year 2007. Deliveries have increase by 3 per cent compared to November of 2011, selling 186,505 vehicles.

Ford managed to sell 177,673 in November, with sales increasing by 6.5 per cent. Chrysler saw their sales increase by 14 per cent to 122,565. That was in fact their best November since the year 2007. Nissan’s sales rose by 13 per cent to 96,197 in November. Toyota’s sales hit 161,695 thanks to an exceptional rise of 17 per cent. They are currently attempting to win back the worldwide number spot ahead of General Motors, who took it off them last year. Hyundai’s sales increased by 8 per cent, selling 53,487 in total. That represents the Korean company’s best ever November since the brand started off in the United States 25 years ago. Volkswagen can also claim the same success, hitting a rise of 29 per cent to sell a total of 36,728 vehicles which is their best November since the 1970’s.

Dave Zuchowski, Hyundai’s Executive Vice President of Sales said “We were also very encouraged by the strong sales recovery experienced in those northeastern regions that were ravaged by Super Storm Sandy and expect continued momentum there for the balance of the year,” has stated those who lost cars during Hurricane Sandy are now compensating for their loss. Around 250,000 vehicles were affected by the natural disaster. Around 65,000 to 80,000 new car and truck sales will derive from the disaster of the Hurricane it is estimated.

Some recent gains have come from terrible and unwanted circumstances. However the United States are proving that they can counter and overcome such problems and prosper at the end. The automotive industry all over the country is starting to look up.

General Motors may hit that number one spot ahead of Volkswagen and Toyota once more if they continue as they are.