The Buick “Excelles” in China 0

The Buick Excelle was the number one selling car in China. If any company was to choose a country to stand as the number one top seller, it would surely be China, as it is the world’s largest automotive market.

254,000 sold

The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers confirmed the Excelle as the number one seller in the country. 254,000 in total were delivered last year the figures stated, making it the best selling passenger vehicle in the country. In terms of categories, the best selling was commercial microvans.

The Buick Excelle

The Buick Excelle comes in three different variants. One is the Excelle XT, which is the equivalent of the popular Vauxhall Astra here in the UK. The Excelle GT is the same as the Vauxhall Verano (sold on the North American market). The Excelle sedan is similar to the old Vauxhall Astra Classic.

Chevrolet sales in China

The Chevrolet Cruze finished third in overall sales whilst the Chevrolet New Sail ranked in at seven, marking a great performance for General Motors in China.

Volkswagen sales in China

Volkswagen were number two overall. The Lavida model was just behind the Buick Excelle. The Volkswagen Jetta was ranked third along with the Volkswagen Bora being placed fourth. Fifth and sixth place belonged to the Bora and Santana, making the German giants the most dominant car producer in the Chinese top 10.

The rest

The Ford Focus managed to finish at number 10 behind the Hyundai Elantra Yuedong at number 9.

Europe Sales

In Europe however, Volkswagen were as expected the number one provider. They maintained their position, shifting 485,547 Golf’s across the region. The Volkswagen Polo was second ahead of the Ford Fiesta.

North America

It was Ford’s turn to be number one over in North America. The F Series were on top selling 584,917 models with the Chevrolet Silverado and the Toyota Camry lagging behind.

General Motors Chinese President

The General Motors President for the company’s Chinese division, Ding Lei said that the company will continue to progress. He said “The Buick Excelle GT leads the way in the midsize segment in terms of design, engineering, manufacturing and quality, making it a benchmark by which all others will be measured. It complements the rest of Buick’s midsize and premium portfolio of products while furthering our commitment to expanding segment coverage, strengthening our brand and maximizing service quality,”