The Chevrolet Volt represents American quality – Part 2 0

The cost of the Chevrolet Volt is justified in our opinion. It is not too expensive, with many willing to pay that bit extra in order to get a vehicle that is a great all rounder. It saves motorists expensive running costs and also delivers a performance which is quite satisfying. You will get a pleasurable and comfortable drive with an extra sense of excitement when needed, even when driving on electric mode.

They say that the driving experience of the car is so good that reverting back to traditional petrol or diesel vehicles will prove difficult. The Research and Development of the Chevrolet Volt commenced before 2008, when General Motors had to be bailed out.  This shows exactly how the American automotive industry is miles ahead of others.  The talent, dedication and hard work represent something to be extremely proud of.

Despite the car’s troubles, we believe that the Chevrolet Volt will take off eventually. There are concerns at present but that is the norm, especially when new technology is starting off. The UK and the rest of Europe will see the Vauxhall Ampera released, a car which is identical to the Volt. There is absolutely no reason as to why the car will fail. You will not hear of a petrol car that is able to give you 300 or more miles.

Prices of the Volt in North America start at $39,995, that prices includes delivery. The maximum price is $45,000 depending on the options selected. That price may seem quite hefty but the owner will see a great deal of savings on the fuel and running costs when compared to other vehicles.

A federal tax credit is available with up to $7,500 able to be reduced from the bill. In California there are extra incentives such as being able to drive in the High Occupancy Vehicle lane. The Volt is a major game changer. The Toyota Prius and the Prius Plug In model does not reach the same mileage as the Volt whilst in electric mode. The Tesla Model S may look and drive better but the prices for that are extremely high, with the highest end model costing around $100,000. For most that is a bit too pricey. The Chevrolet Volt represents the best value for money vehicle in the whole of the United States.