The Chevrolet Volt review 0

We have discussed the Chevrolet Volt numerous times in our blog and today we write a review about it.

Some of you may not have even heard of the vehicle but we will describe our favourite features within the Volt and explain why it is such a brilliant vehicle to buy when it is eventually released here in the UK.


Despite being a part electric car, the vehicle does not lack performance. The electric motor installed within is able to achieve 148 BHP and 273lb ft or torque. The car contains instant acceleration which will not dampen anyone’s excitement.

The drive

The wheels within are powered by the electric motor at all times. Using the car in it’s petrol mode will not change the feel of the ride at all. Overall the drive is considered quite comfortable by a number of expert testers. Large road humps are taken easily with the car adapting to most uncomfortable road surfaces. The excellent grip on the road means that the car will give the driver that extra sense of security on the road.

Running costs

Buying the car is not cheap, as it is a very rare type of car. There is a £5,000 Government grant available however. The car’s fuel consumption will reach 235 MPG meaning that even running on petrol power will mean that you do not have to visit the pumps that often. There will be no annoying road tax to pay or any congestion charge to pay. The price of the car will be cheaper than the upcoming Vauxhall Ampera however.


The car contains an immense amount of practicality despite all of the components which it carries around. The boot contains 310 litres of space in total which is not such a bad statistic. There is a great amount of room within the car for adults to sit with plenty of leg and head room.


There has been no standard equipment announced yet for the Chevrolet Volt yet as standard. It has been confirmed that the car will contain leather seats as standard which goes one better than the Vauxhall Ampera. We believe that the car will include the likes of heated seats, satellite navigation, electric windows and more.

Can’t wait for the Chevrolet Volt to be released? It will be a wonderful alternative to the Vauxhall Ampera.

The only Chevrolet Volt variant currently available:

  • Chevrolet Volt Hatchback 1.4 Hybrid Range Extender 5dr