The Vauxhall Combo Review 0

The Vauxhall Combo has a major presence on our roads in terms of vans. Its popularity has allowed the van to stay in production from 1997 until this day.


The Vauxhall Combo keeps up with rivals in terms of the amount of cargo space in which it offers. Figures state that the load volumes are around 3.0 metres.

The shape of the cargo space within the back is square, making it very practical for items to be easily stored. Loads of between 743 kg and 803 kg are able to be stored depending on the layout and type of van.


The Vauxhall Combo van has a great amount of safety equipment within. There are passenger and driver airbags making the vehicle very safe for all in the event of an accident. There ABS brakes fitted as standard on all models apart from the entry level ones. Central locking and an immobiliser keep the car as secure as possible. An alarm is available as an extra.

Great engine

A pivotal moment in the Combo’s lifetime was its revamp in 2005. From here the old inefficient 1.7 litre diesel engine was ditched in favour of a newer common rail engine. This helped improved fuel efficiency, eco friendliness and refinement. The drive is also a lot smoother and more power with the 1.3 engine being able to produce 70 BHP and the 1.9 engine being able to produce 100 BHP.


There is a small price to pay for such a brilliant van that offers a great amount of advantageous features. We believe that the Vauxhall Combo will last and continue to prosper over the next ten years.