The Vauxhall MasterFit winter scheme 0

The Vauxhall MasterFit program is a winter Safety Check for Vauxhall owners. The scheme has been put in place to ensure that your vehicle is in optimum condition for the upcoming months.

Experienced Vauxhall Mechanics will check vehicles thoroughly. They will check over the essential components which are required to be in good condition throughout the winter in order to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Plenty of safety issues regarding the car are checked over. This includes tyres being inspected and inflated to the correct PSI level if required. All fluids crucial to the car throughout the colder months are checked to see if they are at the correct levels, which are then topped up to a maximum level of 500ml if needed.

A £20 valued Autoglym kit is provided to everyone who receives a winter check as part of the Vauxhall Masterfit program.

The pack includes

  • 500ml de-icer
  • 500ml screen wash
  • Ice scrapper
  • Hi-Tech Microfibre Cloth

Belinda Craik, the Vauxhall Service Channel Manager said that the whole winter check program provides great peace of mind for Vauxhall owners.  She said “The Vauxhall MasterFit Winter Safety Check offers Vauxhall owners outstanding value and peace of mind that their vehicle is ready to face the winter months,”

Peter Rodger, the Head of Driving Standards within the Institute of Advanced Motorists was asked by Vauxhall to give some expert advice on how to drive safely during the winter. His main points are listed below

  • Keep your windscreen clear and clean your windows inside the car as well
  • Check your car’s electrical systems are all working properly on a regular basis
  • Use the air-conditioning to keep the air dry and reduce any misting-up
  • Ensure your tyres have adequate tread (1.6mm is the legal minimum)
  • Keep tyre pressures at the levels in your car’s handbook
  • Plan your journeys and take weather conditions into account
  • Carry a suitable emergency kit in the car with you
  • In severe conditions, think hard about the need to travel
  • If you do have to drive on icy or snowy roads, drive very smoothly
  • Slow down gently by easing off the throttle and try to avoid applying the brakes

The Vauxhall Masterfit doesn’t seem like a bad idea considering what the past two winters were like.