The Vauxhall VX 220 helps future automotive engineers 0

Vauxhall have donated 15 of one of their sportiest cars, the VX 220 to various colleges and universities around England and Scotland. As part of National Apprentice Week Vauxhall have played a role in helping young potential engineers of the future.

Barnfield and West Chesire College

One of the colleges to benefits was Barnfield College who are located nearby the famous Vauxhall Luton plant, the home of the most successful commercial vehicles in the country. Another were West Chesire college, located nearby Vauxhall’s Ellesmere plant, a factory which has been under scrutiny by General Motors recently.

A great car to work on

Working on a Vauxhall VX 220, trainees can undergo some very useful training in terms of learning about a high performance and a unique sort of vehicle. Diagnostic training will prove to be extremely beneficial too given how intelligent the car’s technology is. Everything comes under Vauxhall’s apprenticeship programme. Colleges provide support and hold the course.

150 new apprentices

There are set to be 150 new apprentices hired for Vauxhall in the engineering, manufacturing and marketing departments within the company.

“Valuable tution”

Vauxhall Human Resources Director, Phil Millward has released a statement regarding the apprenticeship scheme saying how beneficial it is for all.  ”Apprenticeship programmes offer an attractive alternative to university study, as apprentices will receive valuable tuition at partner educational institutions whilst training on the job. They also receive much support from the team as well as an attractive compensation and benefits package and at the end of the cycle apprentices will have become a very valued addition to the team with thorough understanding of business critical areas. Whilst many apprentices stay within the business they will also be able to effectively contribute to other organisations within the industry building on their particular field of expertise.”

Mr Millward certainly knows the great benefits of becoming a Vauxhall apprentice as he was one himself 43 years ago.

The Vauxhall VX 200

Although the Vauxhall VX 200 can’t be considered a major success it was a ground breaking car when released back in 2001. The car is quite unique vehicle in terms of its style with the car certain to turn heads on the road. We sure that the trainees will find working with the car quite exciting and interesting. The car did produce quite an exciting performance powered with a 2.2 litre which achieved 147 BHP or a 2.0 litre which managed to achieve 200 BHP.