Vauxhall at Geneva Motorshow 0

Vauxhall have showcased the Astra VXR at the Geneva Motor Show this month. It has more power than any of its rivals, with many saying that it is the best looking too.

The best performance out of the lot

The car will act a close rival to the highly anticipated Ford Focus ST. The 2.0 litre turbocharged engine has plenty to offer sporty and enthusiastic type of drivers. Achieving a staggering 280 BHP which is more than competitors including the Volkswagen Scirocco R and the Leon Cupra R. Torque values measure at 295lb ft. From 0 – 62 MPH the car will hit a time of 5.9 seconds, a very quick time indeed. Maximum speed on the car will reach 155 MPH.

The menacing alloy wheels make the VXR will look that bit more intimidating. The bodywork is a piece of art, looking very stylish indeed. Suspension built within helps the car perform wonderfully along the road. The car can take corners at speed with great ease.

To be released in the summer

If you want the Astra VXR, you will have to wait until the summer. It will cost you a total of £26,995 as standard. There are plenty of optional extra which will raise the price. This includes various different paintwork, leather seats, performance enhancing features and interior options.

Learning from mistakes

Vauxhall have also learnt from their mistakes. The previous VXR suffered from torque steer, where the vehicle’s steering may pull to one side. In order to conquer this, the car is installed with a limited slip differential with the Astra GTC’s HiPerStrut trick suspension.

The car also comes with Vauxhall FlexRide. This offers three driving modes which include Normal, Sport and VXR. As you go up in the settings, some of the car’s components are tweaked to offer a more thrilling drive.

No plain sailing

This doesn’t mean that the Vauxhall Astra will sail through the sales charts compared to rivals. The car does have some very tough competition including the Citroen DS4 which promises to be wonderfully sporty car. Expect the Ford ST and Volkswagen Scirocco R to play a major part too.

Other models shown off at this year’s motor show was the Vauxhall Mokka, the Vauxhall RAD e concept and the upcoming Vauxhall Insignia BiTurbo. It is not all bad news from Vauxhall at the moment.