Vauxhall cater to your winter worries 0

Vauxhall will offer a wide range of winter equipment including the successful AutoSock Snow Socks.

The accessories are the company’s way of keeping everyone safer during the colder months.

Following the suite of Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, Vauxhall are latest German company to take advantage worries and concerns from motorists during winter.

AutoSock Snow Socks

Of the whole range of accessories on offer from Vauxhall, the standout product will be AutoSock Snow Socks. They are a type of tyre cover which is designed for getting your car out of slippery situations. Many describe them as a brilliant alternative to show chains, which are bulky and are not as effective. They have already been a major success amongst the public last year. They were sold out by many Vauxhall providers very quickly.

Sophie Thomas, who works as Vauxhall’s Accessories Manager said that the product can make those typical driving trips in the winter that bit easier. She said “It’s often difficult to avoid driving on snow and ice during the winter and the weather forecast for the next few months suggests that we will be challenged again very soon. For the journeys we have to make, whether it’s getting home from work or picking the kids up from school, AutoSock Snow Socks provide extra grip that could make all the difference when the roads are slippery.”

AutoSock Snow Socks can be purchased for around £49.95 and are not restricted to be used on just Vauxhall vehicles.

Horrendous conditions last year

Many accidents have occurred due to terrible weather conditions all over the country. Car components were over worn and needed repair, collisions occurred and drivers were placed in extremely hazardous and dangerous situations.

Temperatures plummeted down to unbearable conditions, with many not prepared of what was to come and how to handle it.

Insurance premiums have sky rocketed, even for innocent drivers who were not involved in any accidents. Insurance companies were forced to pay out to those with Fully Comprehensive policies for accidental damage caused by the conditions. An estimated £530 million was paid out spreading across 278,000.

The Vauxhall AutoSock Snow Sock proves to a tremendous utility throughout winter. We can’t do anything about the weather but we can do our best to ensure that accidents are less likely to occur.